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Feng Shui- simple way to lead a happy life

We suffer from an ailment, we visit a doctor; some legal problem, we consult a lawyer. There is somebody to help us out with every problem. But there are times in our lives when everything seems to be going wrong- on our professional front, in our relationships or on the health front. No matter what you do, the problems go on escalating that we cry out in distress: God why me?

It is then that people turn to the ancient sciences and divine tools like Feng Shui, Tarot reading, Astrology and Numerology to name a few.  Neesha Rajawanie, a celebrated classical Feng Shui expert and Managing Director of the Insstitute of Divine Feng Shui in Pune, has been providing solutions to people’s problems since the last seven years.

Whether it is harmonious relationships, good fortune or increased prosperity in business, Neesha has dedicated her career to helping people come out of their painful and miserable phases of life through her expertise in  Classical Feng Shui, Graphology, Numerology, Reiki, Tarot and Rune reading and Vaastu.

A woman of many shades, she believes that everything in life is composed of energy. “Many problems occur when the energy of our living environment is not compatible to our energy which leads to a clash. It is through energy alignment and directional forces that I am able to restore the balance,” she says.

A long chat with her over a cup of steaming Espresso coffee not only gave us insights into this divine yet mystical science of Feng Shui but also a peek into  her personal journey, from an ordinary business woman to an acclaimed Feng Shui practitioner  and counsellor.
Neesha Rajwanie

Your personal journey as a Feng Shui expert...

I have worked very hard to reach where I am. When I was going through a bad time in my life, I asked myself, if there is a science then why is it not working? I, then, decided to find my own answers. That is when my journey with Feng Shui started and it has come to a point where it has become my passion and obsession.

My learning started under the legendary grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai. There are only five recognised masters in the world and I’ve been blessed to have learnt the Chinese art of metaphysics under them.  My masters are Joseph Yu, Raymond-Lo, Peterleung, Joey Yap .

How can Feng Shui help a person solve his/her problems?

Feng Shui is the science of environment and deals with the invisible energy surrounding us. It is helpful in achieving a balance with nature enabling you to live a happy and enriched life. This is possible only by making energetic improvements in your living space.

Through Feng Shui, I’m able to provide simple and workable solutions by making energy alignments in your immediate living environment.

There is enough scepticism surrounding Feng Shui and Vaastu. Does one really need to consult a Feng Shui expert before moving into a new house?

Yes, one needs to be compatible and in tandem with one’s living environment. Sometimes, your karmic cycle may take you to a negative property which may make your life go from bad to worse.

It is important to note that whenever you are moving into a new property or making major renovations in the existing structure, seek professional help so that you do not trigger any negativity around you. Help from a Feng Shui expert in the initial stages can go a long way to bring harmony, peace and prosperity into your life. Obstacles are relatively few and can be easily overcome through the help of this ancient science.

Doesn’t Feng Shui interfere with a person’s karma by changing his/her set of bad experiences?

No, Feng Shui does not change or interfere with a person’s karma. It only reduces the suffering of a person. A person has to pay for his karma. But I have observed that through a good energy alignment, a 50 per cent change is possible. And there have been cases where the outlook and attitude of my clients have changed after such alignments.

Even a simple thing like incorrect placement of wind chimes in a wrong place can trigger negative events in your life. Is that true?

Very true, as wind chimes have a specific role to play in this field . They are meant to disperse the negative energy of five yellow (star) but the condition is that it has to be placed in a specific direction where the five yellow falls every year.

For the year 2006, west sector of any property, be it commercial or residential, is infected with this negative five yellow star. Therefore, wind chimes must be placed in the west direction of any property to disperse negative energy.

What is your usual way of approaching a client assignment?

When a client comes to me, I listen to his / her problems. Many a times, they are going through so much pain that they break down. I become like a mirror to them from whom they cannot hide anything.

Then, I compare the natal chart of the house with the client’s personal chart. Accordingly, I make energy alignments in the house and the results are visible within 6-8 weeks. If the case is serious, I take the help of Numerology and Tarot reading to throw more light on the problem.

Is Feng Shui a self-sufficient and complete science in itself?

I am of the opinion that a little of everything makes a perfect cocktail. Likewise, any stream of metaphysics is not complete on its own. For example, when astrology is used to understand the luck graph of a person, Feng Shui can be applied on the basis of the kind of help needed by a person as ascertained from his luck graph. The results are far better because you know exactly what is missing and where help is needed the most.

What’s your USP?

I’m passionate about my work. That is why when people come to me to learn the science of metaphysics, I encourage them only if they are passionate about learning it and have the desire to help people.

I share a wonderful relationship with most of my clients. Many of them have become my friends for life.                               


The Insstitute of Divine Feng Shui has been operational for over seven years now, offering workshops on different streams of metaphysics. For more information, visit