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Gods own cure

K.A.R.EIt had seemed like a heritage restricted to God’s own country-Kerala. But Dr. Kalmadi has transported a bit of heaven to the Kerla Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Centre (KARE) at the misty valley at Mulshi, an hours drive from Mumbai. Explains the quiet Kalmadi at the inauguration which was done by Yogacharya Dr.B.K.S.Iyengar, "It seemed the perfect place to set up KARE which is spread over 40 acers with the Mulshi lake serving as the backdrop. Once you have had a taste of the messages that we have to offer, then you are just hooked to it." And as designer Shaina Chudasma who was there on a weekend with her mother Munira said, "I think the location itself begins the healing process."

       After a ceremonial dip in the pool, the massages in the rooms which overlook the river take you to a different realm! With cottages to accommodate 20 people at a time, along with accommodation for corporate bigwigs and families in the finishing stages, Kalmadi has a lot on his hands. A team of doctors led by Ajit Mandlecha, along with shopkeepers and masseurs, promise to help you cure all sorts of diseases from arthritis, rheumatism, spondylitis and sinusitis. Having been trained at the world famous parent institute C.N.S. Chikisalyam of Mezatyhur, Kerela, headed by Dr. Srinivasan Nair, the masseurs go about their task in a professional manner. Ranging from the simple to the complicated, these massages, like pizbichil, consist of warm herbal oils being poured all over the body in a rhythmic manner amidst the chanting of mantras. Chavitti uzbichil is a special Kerala type of foot massage, and the Shirodbara is very popular amongst the foreigners who flock to this cozy retreat nestled in the arms of nature.

      While the 'who’s who' of Pune have been doing the rounds of KARE, it has a lot to offer to keep a workaholic entertained. It also has a well-stacked library, a club house with the mandatory pool tables, tennis tables, badminton , billiards along with the old fashioned corquet and even a putting range. "We have also engaged a full-time trekker-cum-nutritionist and all the scenic spots around KARE are a delight for those on the nature trail. But for those whose adventurous streak runs amok, there is the famous martial art of Kallari Payattu which our masseurs are trained in, they also perform and teach the guests." Besides this, for the foodies, the low calorie food cooked in almost no oil is preceded by an arry of tempting herbal concoction. "According to the very basics of Ayurveda, the constitution of each person is checked and then food is prescrined."

During the monsoonDr.Prakash Kalmadi will house paraplegics at KARE. "We plan to have some of the terminally ill patients stay with us during the rains. While on one hand, we can help them with their treatment, especially paralysis, and various other muscular disorders, the lovely locale will also cheer their spirits up immensely." Treatment packages vary according to the needs of the person- from a seven day programme to half a day.

A perfect takeoff for those looking forward to return to the natural and the best way of living.


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