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Waiting to exhale
clinic Dr.Pingale took a quantum leap – the expansion and complete face lift of his earlier slick clinic into a spanking new, spacious hi-tech one, complete with state-of-the-art equipment and never-heard-of-before levels of hygiene. The idea behind this aesthetically designed clinic is all about overcoming pain with pleasure! This was something they always wanted to do, but the deterring factors were the costs, which were prohibitive. Both Dr.Pingale and his better half spent a couple of sleepless nights and then decided to forge ahead. So once they
decided to make this huge investment and go for what is considered the latest in the dental world, they made sure that this technology was would be recommended atleast for the next ten years. At one time the duo considered going in for only one chair which is fully automated. This chair could be operated by the foot and there was no need for the surgeon to touch any of the controls. The control touch panels can be operated without any knobs and can be disinfected very easily. After a lot of deep thought, (about the number of chairs) they decided to go the whole hog.
What’s surprising is that the prosthodontist who excels on aesthetic dentistry has designed the whole clinic himself. Right from the reception area that has a beautiful glass etched wall to the awe-inspiring consulting rooms and the laboratory and the pantry room, he has done it all! He says, " looking at the clinic one should feel welcome." That is how a glass panel took over a stone wall, which would not only have obstructed the flow of light but would have also eliminated the feeling of space.Once you enter you are immediately face to face with the receptionist who can make you feel comfortable. To begin with there is lilting music and audiovisuals along with channelised TV programs to keep your mind away from the rot that has set in your mouth. There is a lot of literature alternated with the latest magazines. Now if that’s not enough to keep you and your brat occupied, there is a huge fish tank that naturally emanates the feeling of tranquility. There are three large seating arrangements and the exit area is a different one. This is done in order to keep the seating area should not be crammed or disturbed by ingoing or outgoing patients. A lot of glass has been used so that it gives the feeling of depth of vision.

clinic1 Moving from the reception to the main work area that is designed to dazzle, in an eye-catching aquamarine shade that highlights the stark white walls, the simplicity of design, immediately appeals the sensibilities with the sterilization unit neatly tucked in the compact cabinets. The person doesn’t get to see the instruments that inject, poke or scrape. Also everything is designed in such a way, tbat there is minimum noise pollution.

Attamall lab, which accommodates a full-fledged lab bench with aspirators as well as trimmers, polishing & grinding equipment.

The content couple take great pride in stating that right from the on-line water purifier to the disposable glasses, the automatic disinfectant that immediately sprays the basin, the moment the patient has gargled –they have gone to great lengths to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and safety at the turn of the century.