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Usually ‘a visit to the dentist’ is dreaded by many but thanks to Dr Nanda, it is not a nightmare anymore. Dr Prem Nanda, one of Pune's leading dentists, has been practicing since the last 33 years and has acquired a reputation of being the best. Being born and brought up in Pune, he still claims that the city remains his favorite in the whole world. He continued his higher education in Bombay and is a gold medallist from the Bombay University. Although now he is really in love with his work, taking up dentistry was not really a planned decision.

Dr Nanda

With appointments from morning till night he works 9.30am-6.30pm everyday. Although it may sound stressful to most, Dr. Nanda isn't one to complain. He claims that since he thoroughly enjoys the work and confesses that a good swim is all he needs to face all challenges that a day brings. Holidays are usually on Sundays and after every 3 to 4 months, he indulges in his other hobby - travelling.
Being aware that dentistry is a dangerous field he uses only sophisticated sterilization technique like the ASEPSIS. As far as possible, disposable material is used. Also, for those who faint at the mention of a dentist, Dr. Nanda uses totally painless methods. Especially for children who are scared of the anaesthetic injection, he now uses ‘needle-less’ injections and therefore going to the dentist can now be a pleasant experience for both the doctor and the patient.

He began work in 1976 in Pune and is now a member of various related organizations like the Indian Dental Association, American Association of Orthodontist and World Federation of Orthodontists. He is also a fellow member of the Academy of Dentistry International.

As an expert, he avers that dentistry has one of the brightest scopes and is one of the most worthwhile careers, but maintains that to be a good dentist one should have some qualities from within like a caring and understanding nature and a willingness to help the ones in need.

Dr Nanda says that people should stop putting off dental treatments to the last moment and should tackle it in the earliest stage. To escape complicated and expensive treatment, a check up once in 8 months would be sufficient and also not expensive.