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Ruby Hall Clinic

Ruby hall side view

Established in 1959, Ruby Hall is the one of the most prominent and famous hospitals of the city. The hospital has been established primarily to provide medical relief to the public in and around Maharashtra state without any discrimination. Under the management of a board of trustees headed by Dr. Grant, Ruby Hall Clinic extends free and concessional treatment to the economically weaker sections of the society.

The hi -tech clinic is a leader in the field of sophisticated surgery. With about 500 beds now, the clinic has grown over the years  adding  all varieties of  diagnostic and therapeutic facilities with the objective of actualising a comprehensive health care centre under one roof. Among other services, the clinic gives free and concessional Radiotherapy treatment to cancer patients who are unable to afford the costs. Part of the Poona Medical Foundation, it is widely recognised by Central and State Governments and also by most of the major Government undertakings and large industries, for treatment of their employees and families.

The hospital is noted for its constant efforts towards research activities and also to provide extensive training to medical students- which also include conducting various Post- graduate courses recognized by the Pune University and by the College of Physicians and Surgeons and a well stocked library with the latest and all the relevant books and journals, both Indian and foreign.
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