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New hope for Autism, other brain disorders

It’s called the G Therapy – a treatment for brain disorders like cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, epilepsy and autism. The inventor of the therapy, Dr. Gunvant Oswal has helped in improving thousands of lives through his therapy. Now widely recognized for its positive effects, it is the first medication to offer a fresh hope for those suffering from neurological disorders. Dr. Oswal runs the Centre for Life Sciences, Health and Medicine in Pune.

Here Dr. Oswal answers a few questions on what is G Therapy and its effect on those suffering from brain disorders and developmental disabilities:

What is G Therapy?

G therapy is a combination of homeopathic medicines with biochemic salts. It is a natural and herbal cure for brain disorders.

How does it work?

G Therapy stimulates the neuro-transmitters and removes blockages in the brain cells. Usually G Therapy reduces hyperactivity and improves concentration. Since it is based on herbal therapies, it has no side effects.

How is G Therapy different from any other treatment?

G therapy strikes at the very cause of the problem by stimulating the neuro-transmitters. It defies the conventional belief that brain damage cannot be reversed after the age of six. It improves the functionality i.e. higher cortical functions of the brain like intelligence, expressions, emotions and communication.

What has your experience been in treating autism through G Therapy?

The results have been excellent. An autistic child usually displays a combination of features such as hyperactivity, wandering aimlessly, abnormal or repetitive behaviour, inability to communicate one’e needs to the parents and language delays. G Therapy has shown to reduce hyperactivity, improve speech, develop interactive and communication skills in autistic children.

Is there an age limit for this treatment?

I have treated patients from three months to 53 years – even cases of irreversible damage have positively responded to G Thearpy. Though there is no age-limit for the treatment, it is always better if the treatment is started in the early years.

How quick are the results after taking G Therapy?

Results depend on the degree of brain damage, potential of the child and individual response to the therapy. In one case, the results were as quick as 15 minutes. A child suffering from cerebral palsy could move her hand after 15 minutes of taking the tablet.

Is the treatment affordable?

The treatment is not expensive. Those who cannot afford it are given free treatment. No child who comes here goes unattended.

Advice for parents

  1. Accept that your child has autism or any other brain disorder and seek medical help
  2. Don’t neglect any abnormal behaviour in your child and consult a neurologist. Doing an EEG is advisable as it will show any severe imbalance in the electrical activity in the brain
  3. Take a holistic approach. Use G Therapy with other correctional methods like speech therapy, physiotherapy and counselling
  4. The sooner you take action the better. Response to treatment is better when the degree of damage is less
  5. Teach your children importance of time and money. Secure their future by helping them become independent
  6. Spend more time with your children.
  7. Put your children in a special school or regular school, depending on the merit of the child

G Therapy has helped in improving the quality of life of many children by bringing them to normalcy. Dr. Oswal’s constant endeavour is to integrate the children with disorders in the society and help them live an enriched life. For more information about G Therapy, visit