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Pranic Healing
  Haunted is man, who feels he has Gods at his beck and demons on his back. Clairvoyants say that this is not just a feeling but a fact. Every person is haunted by two `phantoms’ – an inner and outer aura that follow the contours of his physical body and compose the luminous energy field in which he lives and moves and has his being. When he sickens, it’s because of an energy `leak’ in either his inner aura or outer one.

There is depth and breadth in Pranic healing; which is not yet observed by the observer. It is a distinct system of healing based on its own philosophy of life and the supreme realization that there is a basic vital energy in the human, which is responsible for the maintenance of health. While this healing approach may astound some orthodox views, its final merit is proven through the efficacy of results in healing. Fortunately enough, with the ongoing research efforts and amazing discoveries in the realm of psychic phenomena and paranormal healing, modern instruments are now able to measure and photograph this energy field which exists around the physical organism. 

Prana or 'ki' is the vital energy or life force called pneuma by the Greeks, Prana by the Polynesians and ruah (breath of life) by the Jews.The healer projects prana into the patient, thereby healing him. There are three major sources of prana. The power From the sun comes the solar prana that invigorates and that can be absorbed by sunbathing and drinking in sun-exposed water, but too much solar prana can cause harm because it is so potent. 

From the air, comes the ozone prana, most effective when acquired through deep, slow rhythmic breathing and through the energy centers (called `chakras’) of our inner and outer aura, which is our ethereal body or envelope. From the earth, comes the ground prana that enters us thorough the soles of our feet.

Prana can be projected to another person for healing: people who are depleted tend to absorb prana from those with an excess of it. This is why you may have encountered people who tend to make you feel tired or drained for no apparent reason.

In this type of healing, the healer must sensitise his fingertips and eyes, so that he can `feel’ and `scan’ the aura (or ethereal body) of the patient and thus verify where the sickness or the energy leak is. But this requires no clairvoyance or any psychic power. The healer should pray for a few minutes then mentally recite the healing invocation. The healer should continue with the invocation till he feels the patient will be all right. 

The ancient Science and art of pranic healing offers us a practical and comprehensive guide to cure a variety of ailments: fever and colds, ulcers and stomach disorders, migraine and headaches, toothache, lung and breathing problems etc. It is not only an effective, simple and inexpensive form of healing therapy but it’s also the safest and the most practical. What makes it even more appealing, are the instantaneous results, one sometimes experiences even after going through one single session.