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If it's worth doing ... When learning a new skill, do not expect to be an expert from day one. Instead learn from all that happens and you may yet surprise yourself.

..I was listening to a tape today about NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) and the narrator said this:.."Anything that's worth doing, is worth doing poorly at first".
..I can't even remember the context that he put it in, but it struck me immediately that it's so relevant to dieting. ..It's at about   this time of the year - towards the end of January - that so many people begin to fail on ..their. New Year Resolutions particularly the one that said "I must lose weight". Why?


It probably is because they start off with great intentions to be perfect. They probably chose some very ..restrictive regime that tells them that they mustn't have any chocolate or any icecream or any pizza. They ..also ..set themselves targets that  are unrealistic. To attempt to lose any more than 1-2 pounds a week won't the long run. So of course after a very few weeks they get fed up (excuse the pun). The weight loss ..slows ..down or stops and they feel very deprived and sorry for themselves. The upshot is of course that they ..give up ..with a vengeance and very soon go on the rampage to make up for lost time. Before long they've probably. put on more weight than they lost. This is the very typical sorry tale of the yo-yo dieter.

So what am I recommending and what's the relevance of the quote from the tape? Instead of starting off by ..expecting to be  perfect - no this and no that and none of the other - instead you should start by working on ..changing some habits. Here's an example. You could challenge yourself to try not to eat standing up. That will prevent you from eating ..while you're cooking or eating while you're shopping. Throw in for good measure that you don't snack in the car ..either. You probably won't be perfect at the beginning but you'll improve over time. Yes you'll fail every now and ..then, but it's worth working on. It's worth failing a few times. That failure will lead you to greater awareness and ..gradually to long term success. Now, unlike the quick fix diet which you plan for a short period of time, this new ..rule is for life. With the quick fix diet you have no life plan for after the diet - the quick fix diet doesn't lead you to ..normality. Instead it takes you further into abnormality.

..If instead you focus on poor habits that need changing, you can still eat the food that you like but with thought ..and planning rather than grabbing almost without awareness. Just think about your own eating habits. How ..much less would you eat every day if you didn't eat standing up? I'm prepared to bet that you could lose a half ..a pound a week every single week even if you made no other change whatsoever to your eating habits..Try it and see what happens. Even if you do it badly at first, that way you'll learn how to do it well in the end. ..Remember learning to drive? You probably did that very poorly at first but it was worth persevering.