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               -- Dr. Jayashree Bukte (M.B.B.S.)                       

There are times when people find themselves unable to respond adequately to situations and turn to counselling and psychiatric help. Dr. Jayshree Bukte has been using flower therapy as a part of counselling. Here she shares her views about the effectiveness of flower therapy in living a happier life.

What is flower therapy?

Flower therapy is the remedy made from flowers which is famous for its simplicity, efficiency and rapidity of observable results.

The 38 Flower Remedies were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), a British physician and bacteriologist. Dr. Bach, intuitively sought to find a safe, simple, and pure method of healing his patients which would take into consideration the individual mental and emotional make-up of their personalities. He found that specific flower essences stimulated self-healing in his patients by clearing the negative emotional factors that affected their state of health.  These 38 specific remedies are famous worldwide as Bach Therapy or Flower Therapy since then.

What is the role of flower therapy in counselling?

Dealing with negative aspect of behaviour is a big hurdle in the process of counselling. In common parlance we say 'Behaviour is treat less' and no direct remedy is available for jealousy, rivalry, unhealthy competition etc. But flower therapy (Bach Therapy) can effectively control such negative traits of our behaviour.  It is very helpful in counselling due to its simplicity, efficiency and rapidity of observable results.

How are flower remedies prepared?

Out of the 38 remedies, 20 are gained by sun method of potentisation (- a sort of dilution, the homeopathic way of preparation of remedy as per directions of Dr. Hahnemann), and the remaining 18 are prepared by boiling the whole parts of that plant, bush of tree including their flower heads. In both these methods water, sunlight and heat are combined to extract highest healing potential.

How does the flower therapy work?

The Bach flower remedies target the mental/emotional level of an individual, helping to clear negative emotions, mindsets, attitudes and personality traits which can not only impede the body's ability to heal itself, but can also create roadblocks to peace and happiness.

Flower essences possess the power to elevate our body vibrations. This tunes our body and soul in harmony, cleanses mind and body and heals ultimately. Flower essences work at a vibration level and improve and strengthen our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual status of being. Flower essences create an invisible protection barrier and inwardly cleanse and heal our inherent behaviour.

Flower therapy adds vigour to our life force. It increases our tolerance capacity and gradually shapes the entire personality in a manner to face life challenges. Negative emotions in behaviour are restored with positive and a positive frame of mind is obtained.

What is the role of consultant or therapist in flower therapy?

The Bach Flower Therapist assesses the needs of a client based on a psychological interview. This may occur during the process of regular counselling, or as a separate session specifically for the Bach Treatment. The therapist tries to analyze the mindset, emotions and personality of the individual.  The therapist then prepares a unique mixture of 1 – 7 flower remedies for the client to take, depending on his or her psychological needs. Most commonly, only 2 – 4 remedies are used at one time. These remedies are available in homeopathic medical stores in our country.

What is the duration for this treatment?

The flower therapy is mostly advised for a short period (few weeks to 3-4 months), except in a few cases when treatment has to be carried out for a longer period.  But the positive results are experienced within first two weeks of therapy.

What bout the safety and effectiveness of Bach Flowers?

These flower essence remedies are safe, non-toxic, non-addictive, and may be used in conjunction with any other medical or holistic treatment. Pregnant ladies as well as infants use this therapy worldwide.  There is no age bar to try this therapy.

Is flower therapy same as aromatherapy?

Flower therapy should not be confused with "aromatherapy" or "essential oils." Flower essences act at the vibration level not due to the aromatic properties of flowers. They are prepared on the lines of homeopathy and contain the life-force energy released from flowers in the peak of their bloom. This specially prepared liquid or tablets are to be taken orally.

In which cases can flower therapy be used?

Flower therapy is effective in various negative personality traits (fear and anxiety, depression, anger and resentment, excessive worry, low self-esteem, guilt, etc.) affecting day-to-day life and relationships. It can be used to deal with exam fear and all kinds of phobias.

This therapy is found to be useful to deal with diseases which have stress as a determining factor, for e.g. stress induced increased blood pressure or increased blood sugar, hyperacidity. Two specific flower remedies are available to help the students having poor memory or poor concentration in studies.  There is a remedy called Rescue Remedy to cover all the reactions people would have to crises and emergencies.

The flower essence remedies are not taken for physical symptoms, although the body can better heal itself when emotional balance is restored. Thus flower therapy is a form of energy medicine.  It restores emotional harmony, and goals towards complete mental and emotional health.

Contact: Dr. Mrs. Jayashree R. Bukte
Aastha Counselling Centre, 747, Bhawani Peth, Navin Hind High School Building, Pune 411042
Phone No: 26341914, 9822526142.