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What you? Tense? Heaven help! Just because your new boss is driving you up the wall.... You have just bid a tearful adios to your U.S.A bound boyfriend....The younger brother has turned into a mean machine and is on a rampage....

Just put the rest of your life on hold, unhook that spoiltsport phone from its plug and take off on your very own distressing vacation. Dive headlong into the aromatic wonders of Aromatherapy, a sensuous seduction by fabulous fragrances. Use your own bathroom to discover the relaxing, rejuvenating benefits of Aromatherapy.

Let's first imagine a pot-pourri distilled from the combining notes of the green of the hyacinth of Holland, the floweriness of Narcissus of Auvergne, the spiciness of Germanium of Zanzibar, the woodiness of the Sandalwood of the Nilgiris and the crisp citrus appeal of lemon. A heady intoxication by the potent allure of Juniper, the sparkling floral notes of Jasmine and the oriental subtleties of Patchouli which leave in their wake a sensual memory of fabulous fragrances. No wonder then that Aromatherapy is not just health and beauty care with massage and essential oils, it is pure unadulterated pleasure - combining the soothing effects of massage with rejuvenating potential of exotic fragrances. A holistic therapy, it treats a person not as a collection of unconnected spare parts which need regular oiling and greasing but as a unique human being whose body needs to be coaxes, cajoled and pampered back to health.
Flower Power

The key to Aromatherapy lies in its dual use of essential oils and massage thus making full use of two of our most important senses-smell and touch.There is a deep link between our emotions and the sense of smell.The main and immediate effect of Aromatherapy is that it relaxes.... the mind and body. Excessive stress causes the muscles to contract and even get locked in a state of spasm. The combination of massage and specific oils unlocks muscles and helps them to release tension. Like for example, the exquisite smell of Lemon wakes one out of his reverie. Its startling clean,

crisp, odour also fortifies the nervous system. Neroli, meanwhile with its soft sensual odour has a calming and calming effect. Apart from the stress-buster effect, Aromatherapy springs other surprises.It is excellent for the skin, both encouraging it to breathe better and helping the elimination of toxic materials. It also regulates the secretion of oil from the sebaceous gland situated in the skin. Finally elimination of dead cells is speeded up, so improving the quality of skin while reducing the quantity!
The Scent

Aromatherapy has a beneficial effect on ones immunity as well as since the volatile oils stimulate the immune system putting it on a 'red alert'. In fact a few sessions keep ailments like common cold, coughs and fevers sat bay. Prevention is better then cure and Aromatherapy ensures jut that. No body system escapes the potent effect of Aromatherapy. The digestive system, the respiratory system, the heart, the lungs, kidneys, liver and other glands come under the purview of this form of medicine. The physiological impact of this treatment is significant. Counseling can be carefully and effectively woven into the therapy to create the right for bringing about a cure.

Statutory warning: No form of medicine is without side effects and an expert Aromatherapist must have the wisdom to recognize when the therapy should be instated. When to say "No". Post operative cases, patients, with advanced heart conditions and asthmatics are a perfect 'no-no'. While hypertension and migraine sufferers are a 'go slow'Even with essential oils great care needs to be taken. Just like the right oil in the right hands can work wonders and the wrong oil in the wrong hands and it will be a miracle if the patient emerges unscathed. Sage and Rosemary, for example, if used in too high a dosage, can induce epilepsy in very sensitive subjects. Peppermint can cause dizziness. A flower dies but its soul lingers, locked within the confines of the glistering drops of essential oils. Aromatherapy, a way to live with each fragrance for a few hours. Only then can you be aware of the perfume's symphony, its heart and soul. The heart notes wear of but the soul lingers.