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Loose your weight
12 Things You Can Do to Start Losing Weight . . .
Want to drop pounds but can't face another diet? Skinny down tactics you can tuck into your life style. You've wrestled with the same 10 or 20 pounds  for years-weighed and measured foods like a chemist, tried everything from low-fat to high-protein. And  here you are again, struggling to zip your favorite  pair of  Levi's. You know it's time to get serious about slimming down, but at this point, you just can't make a major dieting effort

Well guess what? You don't have to! The new trend in weight loss is toward focusing on stuff you can do right now- things you can incorporate into your lifestyle, or carry around in your head, and hardly know they're there.

Remember : You don't have to try them all at once

Rethink your motivation

Because permanent weight loss success begins not with the measuring cup but with the mind, take a minute to explore your reasons for wanting to lose weight. When someone says that her ultimate goal is to fit into a size-eight dress, she's setting herself up for failure. What happens when she reaches size eight? There's nothing left to motivate her to stay into it. That's when the weight comes creeping back. Why do you want to lose weight? Can you zero in on a better reason than a smaller dress size? People are more likely to succeed when they are motivated by physical and mental health. Sure they want to look good, but they want to feel good too. That concern will often help them stay motivated for a lifetime.

Keep a journal

Write down what you eat, and check it against a calorie counter every night for at least two weeks. For lots of people, that's all it takes to reverse a lifetime of bad habits. Once you start seeing how many calories you have been eating, you'll soon know which foods to avoid or cut back on.   Get moving

Whether or not you exercise, it is the strongest predictor of your ability to lose weight and maintain that loss. What you may not know is that exercise helps you lose weight in subtle as well as not so-subtle ways. It fires up the metabolism and burns calories. Just as important, exercise makes you feel better about yourself, which makes you more likely to do other things to take care of yourself, such as eat less. When you're happier and more confident, the negative feelings that get soothed by overeating tend to abate.

Don't take that first bite

We're taught that almost everything is okay in moderation. But are there certain foods you can't eat moderately? If you've spent an entire adult life trying to eat just a little of certain foods and failing, it's pretty obvious that you'll never succeed

Drink lots of water

We've all heard the dieter's "eight eight-ounce glasses a day" mantra. But few of us understand why water is so important. The body depends on water to carry out our essential functions. If you don't drink enough water your body uses the water it does have for those essentials, as opposed to burning fat. In order to access stored fat, you need to have water available. That isn't to say the more water you drink, the more weight you'll lose- just that anyone who's trying to lose pounds should make sure s/he is drinking plenty of water so that it's on hand for fat metabolism. Beverages like milk and juice count to your water quota, but they add calories too. Alcoholic, aerated and caffinated beverages don't count as they stimulate the kidneys to increase urination- a dehydrating effect.

Target 100

It doesn't get easier than this: make a commitment to cut a scant 100 calories from your daily intake and, at the same time, expend 100 in some kind of physical activity. If that's all you did and changed nothing else about the way you live, by the end of the year you'd have lost a minimum of ten pounds. To burn 100 calories, try half an hour of walking or 20 minutes of swimming.

Go green

Eating just half cup of cooked dark, leafy greens-spinach , broccoli, collard beans- daily may have a positive effect on sugar cravings, especially for chocolate. Such greens are rich in magnesium which chocolate also contains.

Change your shopping style

Before you hit the check-out lane, review your selections and dump any sugary, fatty treats and snacks. Your kids and husband may growl. Tell them they can eat that stuff outside if they must, but not in the house.

Get a fresh mouth

If nibbling between meals is a problem, brush your teeth immediately after eating. Brushing helps preserve a fresh taste in your mouth, one you may not want to alter by eating again.

Try strength training

Everyone knows that aerobic exercise burns calories, but strength training is just as important for permanent weight loss. Just 10-15 minutes of weight-bearing exercises three times a week makes a visible difference. Strength training increases muscle mass and the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn, even at rest. Use a particular pair of pants, not a scale, as your measure of success.

Fiber up

You probably know that high-fiber foods like fruits, vegetables and bran-type cereals are great diet fare, since they fill you up without adding too much fat or too many calories. But boosting fiber intake may also offer dieters other benefits.

Shift your calories

The typical eating pattern-light during the day, heavier at night-slows your metabolism. By the time you have dinner, it's really sluggish, which means that a greater percentage of calories will be deposited as fat instead of getting burned off. It's even worse if you don't do any physical activity after dinner. Try eating your bigger meals earlier in the day when you're most active.

Finally remember : there will never be one best approach. The common denominator among people who succeed is that they've changed they way they think about food and exercise.