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Empty my Womb

"I perform abortion on atleast five-eight unmarried girls everyday," Dr.Niranjan Bhavsar, who runs the Deccan centre, an abortion clinic at Jungli Maharaj Road, makes the startling revelation. "There is a steep rise in this figure. When I started in '86, the number would never cross one abortion in two to three days," relates the abortionist who can hardly spare a minute after he positions his patients on the stirrups at one in the afternoon and continue the brisk womb operations till five in the evening. It is not an easy task, but he derives his motivation from from relieving young girls of load that they are carrying in their swelling stomachs. Apart from the guilt pangs, it is the tension that eats them up them raw. "Though I charge only Rs 200/- per abortion as compared to Rs 1000/- or Rs 2000/- in big nursing homes, I am approached by girls of all ages and classes. Girls from Fergusson, Symbiosis and Wadia come to me in equal number as from the lower middle class," Dr. Bhavsar matter of factly discloses the uncomfortable statistics.


Dr. Sanjay Gupte, who runs the Gupte hospital at Bhandarkar Road agrees with the soaring statistics but admits that the number of unmarried, girls approaching him is dwindling." The reason is not hard to guess The growing popularity of his hospital has resulted in increase of human traffic constantly flowing in and out thereby increasing the risk of being spotted by some 'family friend'." I definitely carry out abortions even if she is over twelve weeks pregrant, despite the fact that I refuse point-blank the same, in the case of married woman beyond the first trimester !" Though he admits that he had imagined such cases would dip specially after the threat of AIDS looming large! But this was not to be.

"Out of ten patients three are from lower cast, two belong to affluent families, while the rest belong from burgeoning middle class families"discloses Dr.Bhavsar, ministering to his right hand which clutches the scalpel through the day. With the changing times, we must also change." Dr. Gupte contends, With an irrepressible urge to taste the forbidden fruit, the best that can be done is to educate the youth. There should be counseling centre attached to all private hospitals, govt. or private where young girls and boys can walk in and freely ask questions with looking over their shoulder. This is very important since pregnancy is caused mainly due to ignorance about the birth control measures.!"

Dr Gupte too, has been confronted by cases which epitomizes utter human despair." A seventeen year old girl approached me for a third abortion. When I blasted her for negligence, she started weeping disclosing that it was her mother who was forcing her to bed with men, due to financial constraints!" Compelling though the circumstances may be, the fact that it is your baby, growing inside your womb and totally depend you can play havoc on psyche of the victim, specially when it comes to nipping life in the bud! While Dr. Gupte believes that in most of the cases, girls do come with the onset of first symptoms of pregnancy, it is not hard to comprehend the bond gets hardly anytime to strengthen.


He believes, that the strong feeling guilt can also be countered by the simple logic that the baby in the womb, is just mass of cells! Dr. Bhavsar tugs at reason more harshly, "considering millions of sperms are killed, though each has the ability to cause progeny, I categorically ask my patients to treat this too, the same way."

Yet there are cases where the girls are more blasé. "They hear from their friends how fast and easy it is now. So they don’t mind coming back for repeated abortions. An airhostess has come to me as many as ten times for abortions! What can I say, when a gyanaecologist who runs a nursing home herself has undergone abortions thrice over?" questions Dr. Bhavsar pointedly. Dr. Meera Paranjpe who doesn’t approve of cleaning the womb more than one time, is quite sore about the younger generations attitude towards casual sex. Though these college girls know everything, they are extremely careless. I ask them to take pills or have copper-T inserted. In this cultural turmoil, it is hard to believe that young boys and girls must be restricted to only one partner. It really exposes them to the higher risk of AIDS. Morever, repeated abortions itself is not advisable. However remote chances maybe, but an abortion conducted under unhygienic conditions may lead to uterus getting punctured or infection leading to tube blockades, rendering them to a infertile for the rest of their lives.. But after Medical termination of Pregnancy (MTP), When I ask them to back for copper-T to be inserted, they don’t bother. But they will be back again after six months, for the next abortion."

There are many abortion centres that have mushroomed after the Medical Termination of Pregnancy act passed in 1972, legalizing abortion. "For some of them, its just matter of making a fast buck. Like there are clinics where they do about 150 abortions a day! They are less expensive as they do not use anesthesia and can actually finish the job in ten minutes. But with patient's queuing up, some doctors may not even bother to change the instruments or sterilize it. Even after the abortion it is important to be told about the post abortive care which includes not having sex for 2-3 months and having a checkup!"