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Ma Amrit Sadhna
Ma Amrit Sadhana

'Osho' is a healing sound 'O' and 'sho'. It also means oceanic consciousness which cannot die.

Osho’s vision

Osho’s vision is to enjoy life and balance both spirituality and materialism. He said that the world is so beautiful and is created for us to enjoy. Senses are doors to the world to enjoy. Any kind of repression leads to misery. You don’t have to renounce the world but give up your ego, hatred, anger, jealousy and your dark nature.







"Osho’s way appealed to me as it offered me a complete whole lifestyle.


An Osho follower for the last 20 years, Ma Amrit Sadhana remebers Osho for his magnetism and intellectual appeal. She shared with us her thoughts about the new spirituality and her personal journey from an ordinary person to now overlooking the management at the Osho International Resort in Pune.


My personal journey as an Osho disciple…

It’s an internal journey. When Osho used to come to Pune, I used to attend his meditation and was absolutely floored by him. I had everything in my life but I was not happy with the way I was. I was a writer and got involved in translating his books. I got so much of spiritual nourishment here. When I started practicing his meditation, I felt some obvious changes in me and since then it has been my path.

Osho Resort offers scope for creativity...

 People live a life of greed. Nobody is happy. Here, our needs are very few. The attention is diverted into creating something, being silent. When mind is involved in creativity, the lust for power is not there. We focus on inner peace and development.

The world outside...

We have come to a stage where materially we have everything but inwardly there is darkness. People have started deriving vicious pleasure in violence and killing people.
The root cause is beliefs held by humanity which confine them in a narrow prism. The truth is that life is not so difficult. It’s a distortion of life and spirituality which causes misery.
Here we give practical and workable solution to problems. We believe that one must live life creatively, scientifically and meditatively.

Why is HIV test compulsory before you can enter the Ashram?

The Osho Meditation Resort is an AIDS free zone and this way we are creating AIDS awareness. Those who claim to be ethical and moralistic are the ones suffering from AIDS. Again AIDS is also the result of repression and wrong sexual habits.

What activities are carried out in the Osho International Meditation Resort?
This resort offers different kinds of meditation and courses for self-improvement and enhancement. Osho followed a new and revolutionary approach which combined the inner and the outer world. When people come here, they shed their inhibitions. They have to face themselves and counter their own weaknesses which require courage and determination.


Interviewed by Amita Makhija on 11th August, 2006