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Myths surrounding Osho Osho
Osho has always invoked mixed reactions amongst people. While a section of people stand in awe of him, the others call him a hedonist and the remaining decide not to comment. Osho teachings have always come under the scanner of public glare and suspicion, especially for his upfront and no-holds-barred views on human sexuality.

However, there is one fact which none can deny. It is believed that when Osho was alive, so powerful was his gaze that it could easily cast a spell on the others. Many foreigners who didn’t even understand his language used to sit in silence and feel his vibrations.
Even after his death, Osho is one of the most talked about and revered spiritual gurus. His teachings and discourses have been compiled into 650 books. The Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune attracts around 20,000 people in a year from 104 countries.

“Osho visited the Earth,” is what Osho followers say and still feel his presence amongst them.
One wonders: there must be something about Osho which attracts people in huge numbers even now- 16 years after his death.

Ma Amrit Sadhana, an Osho disciple since 20 years and the editor of Osho Times throws light on some of the myths attached to Osho and his philosophy:

Myth: Osho was considered to be encouraging hedonism

Ma Sadhna: What is wrong with hedonism? Enjoyment is the most basic and natural need of a human being. Denying and suppressing it is unnatural. Suppression creates perversion. Osho stood for enjoyment and doing it with awareness. When you follow your desires, you will never go to extremes. There is no need to fear as the senses have their limitations. That is simple natural living.

Myth: Osho was involved in clandestine operations when he was in Oregon, USA

Ma Sadhna: When Osho was in Oregon, thousands of Americans used to come to him, an Asian, to learn meditation. He exposed the establishment and their corrupt practices. He owned 93 Rolls Royce.
It was unacceptable to the Reagan government and so they created stories. Therefore, they accused him of creating a façade and for being involved in clandestine operations.
Myth: The concept of free sex is what attracts people to Osho centres

Ma Sadhna: Is sex that difficult in the world that people have to get a visa and travel thousands of miles to an unknown country. If sex was the only reason for them to come here, why would they come to a country like India where there is poverty and AIDS?
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