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Discover your life, your beliefs, your needs, your friends and family. Discover yourself, the truth about yourself. Discover THE ART OF LIVING. There are sessions organized every second month, usually in houses of students or ex students. These courses usually consist of 15 people and lasts for 6 days. Every session is different, teaching you something interesting and something you never knew about yourself. You are usually taught Pranayana, yoga, meditation and teachings of Pundit Shree Shree Ravi Shankar.

What you learn is a lot and cannot be explained in a line or a single paragraph but to put it concisely, the important things to remember are
  • Existence is the only truth. Events are not the absolute truth, because everyone has a different point of view on the event.
  • Experiences through life are neither good nor bad. No matter what the result, experiences teach us.
  • See problems as adventures. If you don’t see a problem as a ‘problem’, your capacity to handle them increases.
  • Live in the present. Accept people for what they are not, but they are. Accept differences, life would be boring and monotonous if everyone were the same Differences were made for our entertainment. If a friend or acquaintance is rude, treat him as a postman. Some bring good mail and sometimes bad.
  • Everything is always changing. Nothing will always be the same. Don’t rely on what is perfect today, will be perfect forever. People change and no one can blame them for changing.
  • Your own consciousness is the best guru. Listen to everyone, but do what you know is best for you. Advice should always be welcomed by not necessarily always used. You will always be the best one to judge yourself.
  • Be happy in your work or don’t work. Whatever you do, do it 100%. One complete task weighs more than two incomplete tasks. Don’t always expect immediate results.
  • Don’t have high expectations. They reduce joy
Nothing is impossible, always believe in yourself.