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Past life therapy
Have you been there before???

Past life therapy-Confronting the immortal you that is present from body to body, mind to mind and life to life. Wouldn't it be exciting to meet your past? Is it possible that we have lived before? Does everyone have past and future lives? Most people experience past life therapy as a gradual unfolding of images. "Past life regression therapy includes the mental act of going back, to a time prior to this life in order to retrieve memories that may still negatively influence a person's present life. They are probably the source of symptoms running the gamut from phobias to addictions," avers R.Chandran, a past life therapist.

According to him, in practical terms, the prism of past lives can offer many facets to understanding your life today. If one believes in reincarnation, which teaches that a soul survives death and returns to Earth time and time again in a new body- then it is easier for you to have faith in the images which unfold when you undergo past life therapy.

People usually reincarnate among those they've known before. "We know everything about our prospective parents before we choose them," says Wiliston, a word renowned therapist. He also goes on to suggest that we not only choose the people we want around us but also the genetic strain that would determine our looks, intelligence, strengths and impairments. In other words, we literally make ourselves who we are! "But for some," explains Swami Yogendra, a therapist who heads the Multiversity at the Osho Commune who had his first regression fourteen years ago, "

past life regression is a way to support their ego structure."
Swami Yogendra believes that past life in a sense is a repetition of an event. Having been through various past life regressions, he elucidates thoughtfully, " it is difficult to say that the images I saw were the images that belonged to my past life or did they belong to an uprising buried in my sub-conscious and were the images that I wanted to see. In fact, it is quite similar to watching a movie! The only difference here is that the images come from my mind! Past life therapy can be induced through many methods, the most common being hypnosis. Though each therapist's hypnotic suggestions have variations, the skeletal frame remains the same.

Dr. Francis Menezes, the famous dream therapist and the President, Indian Association who has regressed using hypnosis states, " to be able to go to your past life, most therapists take you back to yesterday, two days ago, last week, five years ago, ten years back, finally to your mother's womb and beyond. To be born you have to die." " In a hypnotherapy session, your master is in control of you, your blood count level is low, your heartbeat is slow. It is almost a dreamless state, which is extremely emotionally draining once you wake up," says Dr. Menezes. Interestingly all those who practice past life therapy don't feel the need to prove it. " What is of value here is the outcome which is certainly effective. Beside how can I try to convince someone who doesn't want to be convinced?" opines R.Chandran. In our new found education we seem to have forgotten that there exists a soul. We watch life till our death with utmost interest but seem to forget all after it. Past life memories make you realize that after-death awareness is neither a punishment nor a cessation of awareness. People who are healed through past life therapy are people who remember names, dates and geographic details. But perhaps, even more important than curing of physical and emotional symptoms, is the knowledge that we do not die even if our bodies do. We are immortal!