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tit.gif (5685 bytes) No not even your school. Or the road to school.

Innocent lives lost. Lives of young children who had a future waiting for them to taste. The loss of whose lives snuffed out the light of many people’s lives. Bodies maimed. Minds scarred. By the trauma of approaching death. When they hadn’t even started living.

What can we do?

Only state transport buses should be used by schools to ferry students of government schools. Efforts have also been made by officials to visit schools and check buses for overcrowding ban was also announced on autorickshaws carrying more than 3 people. Here Virtual Pune has come up with some more suggestions.

Use only fully trained drivers, verify their track record, make sure they are medically fit.

child.jpg (25495 bytes)

Display the school bus sign when in use

Drivers should be familiarized with handling procedures regarding accidents and breakdowns.

Drivers should not smoke, drink alcohol or wear slippers on duty.

School bus drivers should have at least five years experience in driving a heavy motor vehicle.

School bus drivers should not have more than 2 challans for a minor offence and should never had been charged with rash or negligent driving.

All heavy vehicles and goods carriers have to install speed governors

All heavy vehicles are banned from overtaking.

Particulars of drivers employed by an operator of heavy motor vehicles will have to be furnished to the transport department.

F lying squads will carry out surprise checks.